The World of Visual Art

Life is an art itself. It is the emotions you pour out, the smile you show to the world, and your laughter that echoes as a lullaby. Art is more than what we see in art galleries or museums. Art is with us as we go on with our lives. We may not notice, but art is in our everyday life, even on ordinary days. Through art, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. It makes everything beautiful.

Imagine if art does not exist at all. Imagine a world where there are no movies, no music, no paintings, and no drawings. We will live our lives in black and white.

Art is everywhere. We see art from the moment we open our eyes to the moment before we close them.

The places you go to or visit, the photos that you took, the food that you eat, the movie that you watched, the painting that hangs on your wall, the design of your home are all creations called visual arts.

The visual arts are art forms perceived by the eye. They are artworks that stimulates a feeling through visual experience. It usually takes on nature, and it requires a man’s ability to capture a moment and make something out of it. Visual arts are often aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Photography, film making, video, architecture, design, sculpture, crafts, painting, and drawing are visual arts.

Visual arts also include interior design, graphic design, fashion design, industrial design, applied arts, and decorative arts. Some artistic disciplines are involved in visual arts like performing arts, textile arts, and conceptual arts.



It is a process of producing images using light. Mechanical shutter devices, known as cameras, are used to capture pictures. It is a moment captured and kept as a beautiful memory.


Film making

It is a process of producing movies for television or theater. It is an artwork that is in motion. An art that will make you experience all kinds of emotions. Some people watch a movie to bring comfort to their lives.



It is the art of designing and constructing buildings. Architecture is a complex form of art. Many structures today are built carefully and designed intricately.



It is a three-dimensional artwork created through the molding and shaping of different materials. It is a piece of art that we mostly see in gardens, parks, and museums.



It is a process of applying paint on paper, canvas, or wall. It is everywhere. In every home, restaurant, hotel, or malls. Paintings may look odd because it is a combination of colors and emotions.


Art is an expression of oneself. Visual art is one way to bridge the gap between man and nature, between man and society, between countries, and even between continents.

Visual arts help people in analysis and judgment skills. It helps with the creativity of the mind as it improves mental and imagination skills. It helps us to see the world from another perspective and to appreciate the beauty of the world.