Home Addition

Get inspired and add style to your house now!

Are you running out of space at home?

At Makcenterufi, our innovative team specializes in creating unique and customizable home addition projects that make the most of any space. Our experienced architects create designs with thoughtful attention to detail and flair, transforming your house into a timeless classic.  

Visualize what it would be like to come home every day to an upgraded living experience! With careful consideration for safety protocols and building codes, we will provide you with a luxurious new area tailored just for you, from concept design through completion. Plus, no need to hire separate contractors as we manage all aspects of the project!  

Why We're Your Finest Choice


Our top-tier architectural services can be adapted to fit any residential or commercial project you may have. Our team has decades of collective experience, giving us an edge when creating the perfect space for you. With our distinct eye for design and expertise, you’ll be able to perfectly showcase your values and give everyone who visits your home or building the exposure they deserve. We take sustainability into account too, so our finished product is structurally sound yet ecologically conscious. Contact us today if you’re looking for true experts in the field—we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 


At Architectural Services, we understand the importance of authenticity in all aspects of home additions. That’s why our team goes above and beyond to provide custom services tailor-made to the individual needs of our clients. As a result, you can expect the highest level of precision, quality, and integrity in your home additions. Each project is carefully crafted with our experienced eye delivering a sophisticated yet timeless aesthetic that you’ll be proud to show off. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! 


Our architectural services team is renowned for its dedication to delivering consistency of the highest standard. We are committed to creating a personal relationship with every customer, tailoring our advice to their needs, and delivering exceptional service from start to finish. You can be sure you will receive the same expertise and care throughout your project – every conversation, every suggestion, and every recommended solution. When you want it done right, rely on us for consistent excellence in all aspects of architectural services. 


Our architectural services are widely renowned for their accuracy. We understand the importance of our client’s visions and deliver results that meet their expectations. Whether it’s precision-cut measurements or timely deadlines, we guarantee that all projects are carefully planned and completed without fail. By taking a meticulous planning approach, we make sure that every job is not just done correctly – but also efficiently. Our expertise allows projects to be expertly completed on time while remaining within budget. 


Here at Makcenterufi, we understand the importance of creating a successful project without straining your budget. It is why we offer line architectural services that are affordable and reliable. To save you time and hassle, we can combine design and construction stages into one seamless workflow – meaning you’ll be able to quickly receive results without worrying about unnecessary delays. With us on your side, you can easily create great projects while ensuring your bottom line remains affordable. 

Contact us today so we can begin planning your dream addition! See why Makcenterufi is the perfect choice for your next step in comfortability and style.