Famous Female Artist in 2020

One can assert that women have played a significant role – as much as the men, in the advancement of arts. Whether as innovators or creators of new forms of artistic expressions, patrons, sources of inspiration or pivotal contributors as art historians, women are involved.

One would insincerely believe that there are too few women artists because those who dominate the headlines in the world of art are mostly men. They have faced various kinds of challenges due to gender biases, struggling in training to selling their work and acquiring recognition. This general concept should be put to an end because women have always been at the forefront of art, consistently contributing to designs, fine arts, and performance arts.

Here are some of the exceptional female artists that blaze the trails in the field of arts. These artists are known for making fantastic paintings, sculptures, drawings, street arts and more.

  1. Aleah Chaplin 

She is an award-winning artist who bags the bacon in the 2012 London’s National Portrait Gallery. Her paintings are the celebration of the human spirit. She courageously portrays mystical settings, often diffuse with a cool-tinted light, that demonstrates the inner world of her subjects. Her attention to detail enables the nuances of the human form with the sense of robustness and dignity.

  1. Alonsa Guevara

Alonsa is a Chilean artist whose work traverses the complexity of nature and is influenced by the tropical surroundings of her beautiful childhood. She works primarily with oil paint to invoke one world originating somewhere between fantastical and believable. Her paintings illustrate her enthusiasm with realism and mimesis.

  1. Ann Gale

She is an American figurative painter in Seattle, Washington. She was known for her portraits composed of collections of numerous, detailed colour patches that intensely express the changes in light and the movement of the human figure. Ann Gale worked as Professor of drawing and painting at the University of Washington in 1995.

  1. Beth Cavener

Beth Cavener is an American artist who focuses her sculpture on human psychology in an excessive sculpture of animals. She achieves the highly expressive quality of her design through a complicated process, from extracting figures from solid blocks of clay to slicing them into small sections, cutting out and reworking each to intensify its sense of life and internal energy.

  1. Chelsea Gustaffson

Chelsea focuses on quirky still life paintings that notions, loss, awkwardness, failure, hope, success and victory. She utilizes a visual language diverse with imagination and inconsistency to speak graciously of those issues and experiences that contemporary society is facing.

  1. Colleen Barry

She centres her paintings on luminous portraits of emotional depth, under the artists’ thoughtful gaze, the pictures built with ultra-fine, graceful layers of paint interspersed with impasto and glazes.

  1. Dillen Marsh

Dillen Marsh’s work has storytelling at its interior. She has an eye accommodated to the special moments amidst a healthy life. Using coloured pencil, ink and pen, she creates incomparable colourful worlds that are a revitalizing blend of reality and imagination.

  1. Esther Huser

The painting of Esther Huser is a beautiful tapestry of flora and fauna. Her leading vision of nature causes her subjects to become something other than they are. By having botanicals out of context and providing with expert detail, she creates spectacular and unexpected landscapes.