First Session: April 5-June 6, 2018
Marco Kusumawijaya (Indonesia)
Towards Sustainability: Changing the Urban Habitat and Habitus

Second Session: June 19-August 20, 2018
Urban Think Tank, Luis Efrén Santana (Venezuela)
Latino Urbanism(s)? Building Bridges

Third Session: September 8-November 9, 2018
Ismall Farouk (South Africa)
Creative Strategies for a Spatial Justice Program

Fourth Session: November 24, 2008-January 25, 2019
Xiangning Li (China)
Heterotopias: Themed Suburbs in Shanghai and Los Angeles

Fifth Session: February 2-April 11, 2019
Alexia Leon (Peru)
LA-LIMA: Probing the Urban Desert

Sixth Session: May 8-July 2, 2019
Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassibi (Iran/Netherlands)
Satellite Geography

Seventh Session: July 13-September 13, 2019
Alaa Mohammed Ahmed Khaled and Salwa Ali Rashad (Egypt)
A Walk in the City