Better Tech: Battery Operated Forklifts, Excavators and Loaders

The use of battery to run heavy machinery and vehicles is no longer new. During the early 1900s, most cars were battery operated and outnumbered that use steam or gas engines. When 1950s came, diesel-electric locomotives replaced the ones powered by steam and by late 1960s, diesel-electric wheel loaders were developed. Diesel-electric haul trucks and electric shovels have been used in mines for years while electric mobile platforms and electric tower cranes are staples in construction sites.

While the industry of heavy machinery doesn’t receive much discussion regarding the advances in machines that use electricity unlike the car industry, the accomplishments in the field are still notable. Below are some types of heavy machinery that are now run using batteries.

Battery-Operated Forklift

The powered industrial trucks or also commonly known as lift trucks or forklifts are now being used in numerous locations and industries from construction sites to warehouses and are mainly used for moving materials and objects. All types of forklift have been designed for moving heavy containers or objects. However, there are also various models of forklifts that could be categorized according to their methods of operation, size, and power.

Battery-operated forklifts are environmentally-friendly and quiet means to handle different unit loads such as pallet boxes, stillages, and pallets that give a company a plethora of option for numerous applications. Today, you can now find reliable forklift battery suppliers wherever your company operates.

Mini Excavator with Lithium Ion Type of Battery

All the cylinders and hydraulic motors are being powered by lithium ion battery found in the mini excavator’s main body. Since the equipment doesn’t emit any exhaust gas, this gets rid of the problem of withering of plants and crops. There are also no issues of ventilation because of exhaust gas when doing tunnel works or dismantling indoors.

Significant reduction of noise levels is also possible because of the absence of an engine. These battery-powered mini excavators can also adapt to various site conditions in its range of application such as construction projects in cities that require excellent reduction of noise.

This battery-operated mini excavator can also contribute to reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and nurturing a society with low carbon.

Electric Wheel Loaders

Electric wheel loaders offer noise reductions and provide emissions that expand the range of environments and applications where they are deemed useful. With the continuous advancement of electrification technology, the range of types of machines where this is applied also grows. Wheel loaders that are battery-powered are some of the latest machine introductions.

The concept of these electric wheel loaders have been based on the large scale and time-tested technology being used in equipment for handling materials. The AGM or absorbent glass mat battery technology was used for these electric wheel loaders. This is a maintenance-free and closed lead acid battery system particularly made for high demand applications. The included onboard charging unit for its battery also means that there is no need for users to use fixed on-site charging stations. Users simply need to have the machine plugged in an outlet then have the battery recharged whenever necessary.

These are just some of the battery-operated heavy machinery being used these days in many applications for different purposes.