Common Reason Why Pianos Need Proper Piano Tuning

Pianos fall out of tune over time. Why? There is an enormous force to every string inside a piano, and the average is around 90 kilograms. Therefore, the piano strings will gradually stretch over time even when nobody is playing it.

Newly bought pianos need tuning twice in the first year of purchase. For the succeeding years, piano tuning is done once a year. While adjustment is made, you can check the piano’s condition inside, which is very important.


Tuning is the gently re-tightening of metal pins called tuning pins, where piano strings are entwined, using a tool called a tuning hammer. This will bring back the correct tone of each key. Tuning should be performed by expert piano tuners to have a fast, careful, and accurate process.

Reason Pianos Get out of Tune

Instrument use. Most piano teachers, composers, artists, and experts who use the piano daily call for tuning three to four times a year. The more the strings are struck, no matter how experienced and talented the piano tuner is, it will turn the tuning pin and put it out of tune. This is why these professionals have their pianos tuned more frequently than those who only play occasionally. In many cases, pianos with considerably tight tuning pins are much harder to turn. That’s why their tune stay better because it’s harder to move the pins. However, it would be more challenging to stabilise initially.

The humidity and climate. It may surprise most of you that moisture is the number one cause why pianos go out of tune in many places. The piano needs a constant humidity of around 40-45%. This is ideal. In higher humid air, the wood of the pin block expands. This causes the holes that hold the tuning pin tighten, which tighten the strings, which result in a sharp pitch. When the air is less humid or dry, the pin block shrinks. Which in turn loosens the tuning pin and the strings, the result is a flat sound. In situations about humidity, keep it relatively steady as possible. Try to keep the piano in a room away from heating or air conditioning vents, drafty doors, and windows. Some people have room humidifiers which can easily help you in regulating the moisture. You can also opt to buy a humidifier installed inside the piano.

Moving the piano all the time. Although not as significant as the other two, moving the piano can disturb the soundboard. Ask for professional movers if in case you will relocate the piano in another building.

Strings stretch. A string stretches typically when pulled. In a piano, there are a whopping 200 pounds of pull in every strand. The process of tuning and the strings stretching will take around 6 to 8 times for the piano to reach a stable condition. When the tension no longer makes the strings sag, we can get a constant beautiful sound from the piano, reaching the stabilised stage. However, when you need to keep playing, you still need tuning once or twice a year.

What Small Business Owners Love About Online Marketing

Online Marketing is the simplest, most convenient tool up to date.

Gone were the days that marketing is exclusively done by hiring professionals. A lot of business startups will think twice to market their products. Questions like when do they need to look for a marketer, what genre do they want the advertisement should give, should they use media platforms or just written ads, and the list goes on until marketing seems to be too confusing. Now with a few clicks on the pc or mobile, one or two quotes that you believe, the business that you have and complete contact details you are good to go. It’s as simple as that!


Online marketing doesn’t break the bank.

Everyone will agree that budget is the most crucial aspect to consider when marketing is the topic. A few seconds of ads on television today could easily cost you millions, especially for prime timeslots where your targeted audience is watching. A local paper may charge $12 per inch for a black and white ad, so a 4-inch by 10-inch ad would cost $480. Major national newspapers may charge $10,000 or more for the same advertisement, it costs more to add color, frequency of the ad and day of the week to publish. Compared to online posts, let’s say Facebook, the price range starts from $0.27 per click if you chose this set up. If you have a fixed budget allotment you can avail package set ups as well depending on how many people, Ad objective, audience, ad quality and industry your business have. Although, if you simply want to try marketing free of charge, you can do so by creating a business pages under your account.


From local to global reach of the internet.

Living in this modern era created opportunities beyond imaginations. Such is the power of the web to deliver any message, information or advertisement whether to your local city or perhaps to other mega metropolis like Sydney, IT support can be present at the other side of the world. If you choose to put up an IT Company in your area, you can reach locals in no time. If you want to sell your services unique to your region, you can market internationally without breaking a sweat.

Look at the company Airbnb. It started operations in 2008 in California. Now it has a continuous rise in its number of listings and stands over 1,500,000 in 34000 cities worldwide. So, what contributed to its enormous success? It is pure online marketing through social media.


Personalization of offers and positive relationship to customers.

In online marketing you can always give your products their unique qualities, let buyers see exclusive classes or services you alone can offer and guide them to the direction you want to unfold.

Let’s say your neighborhood developed a picturesque rainforest and the target is to boost tourism in your area, marketing online will be the best move to increase awareness and showcase the magnificence of the place.  Through various forms of social media, you can reach communities that share their passion on rainforests and invite them to add your place in their destinations.


Online marketing NEVER sleeps.

Whenever a page is posted or created, it will be available to anyone 24 hours a day every day. Whether you are on company break or taking a family vacation, to taking a drive to the gym and watching football, your marketing campaigns still runs. Contrasted to traditional marketing, online marketing does not have any limitations in terms of opening or closing hours and at the same time, you would not have to worry about overtime pay for your staff.